World Housing

MailChimp Marketing Campaign

About the Project

The client came to me with a need for email marketing materials that stood out, made and impact, and looked less like a newsletter and more like an interactive digital poster. Stifled by the limitations of email clients, we worked together to figure out a solution that worked for both the design team and for the content being delivered. On my end this involved research into how to optimize the cross-client capabilities and communicating these technical needs to the designer.

Objectives & Goals

The main goal with these new marketing materials was to create something that wasn't offered "out-of-the-box" on MailChimp. The client wanted the emails to flow and tell a story without looking like a newsletter. It was necessary that these emails be intriguing and easily digestible. The goal was not to overwhelm the user with content, but tell them a quick story and offer them a place where they could read more. The client's ultimate goal is to use these emails to encourage their donors to actively participate in their digital community, by reading their articles, sharing their stories, and recommending the organization to others.


Since this project involved creating multiple custom email templates my first step was to create a framework template that could be used as the building block for all of the campaigns. To do this, I researched best practices for making beautiful and responsive email campaigns. I created a template that would work across email clients and browsers maintaining it's integrity at any screen size.

With each new campaign I create, I use this framework as the initial building block, adjusting and adding the necessary new elements unique to each campaign. I test each campaign across different email clients to ensure uniformity in user experience.


I worked closely with the designer to ensure the designs would hide, rather than accentuate the limitations of email, we used interactive elements, such as GIFs to breathe life into each campaign. The client has been very happy with the results so far and is continuing to redo all their marketing materials in this new style as it's proving to be an effective change for them.

the deets

year / 2016

client / World Housing

context / To create custom email campaigns that would walk donors through a digital story of the work the organization does around the world.

role / Template Developer

deliverables / Multiple custom email templates for MailChimp marketing & newsletter campaigns.

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