Vancouver is Happy

Social Media Content Strategy

About the Project

This was one of the largest school projects I had at BCIT, it encompassed an entire semester and involved creating a website, content, and a social media strategy. We worked in groups and in my group I was the project manager, I created our social strategy, wrote our web copy and coded about half of the website we created. The site we created was called

Objectives & Goals

Our main goal for this project was to generate a social media audience for our content, across a minimum of three channels, to get viewers reading and engaging with what we were posting. We wanted to change the conversation Vancouverites were having about happiness, by curating content that disrupted the social norms around it.

We also wanted to raise money for mental health services in the lower mainland, however this aspect of our project did not quite pan out.

We wanted to engage strangers not just friends, classmates, and family members. We strove to find ways to reach further than the confines of our own communities through the social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Medium.



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the deets

year / 2015

client / Instructor

context / School Project

role / Lead Social Strategy, Copywriter, Developer

deliverables / To create a website, along with applicable social profiles to promote an idea, create content, and drive traffic.

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