Personal Brand Story

A mini-zine on me, myself and I

About the Project

As a designer / developer I've always found it most difficult to figure out what aesthetic really defines me, since my role is not to push my preferences on others, but rather to find a design that works best for the brand. I decided to create this personal brand story as a challenge to myself to better define who I am as a brand. I believe this will be a constant work in progress, as a digital developer must always be evolving, but I'm happy to have this mini-zine as a representation of a point in time during that evolution.

Objectives & Goals



While I am pleased with the digital results, I'm definitely not a print designer, yet. I need to finesse the finer details of how a book gets printed and comes together to form a cohesive whole.

the deets

year / 2015

client / Myself

context / Self Promotion

role / Designer, Storyteller

deliverables /

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