Le Labo, Design Brief

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About the Project

The purpose of this school project was to review a website using the principles of Information Architecture. After reviewing the website I wrote a design breif detailing the ways the site could be improved to better achieve the long and short term goals of the company.

Objectives & Goals

To make recommendations to the website oweners that will improve usability, design, organization and task completion on their site. To make these recommendations using my knowledge of Information Architecture, web organization systems and usability testing. The final result was to use all the information gathered, recommendations and critques to wireframe an improved version of the website that would work better to fulfill the short and long term goals of the clients.



the deets

year / 2014

client / "Le Labo"

context / School Project

role / Information Architect, UI/UX Design

deliverables / Strategy brief for new website design

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