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Update to Wordpress site

About the Project

Week one of my practicum at Invoke I was assigned to create a new page for the Jim Pattison website. This was to be a page featuring all the various customers of the Jim Pattison Group. The rest of the website was already complete, but the client wanted this last page added to showcase all the brands work with the group.

Objectives & Goals

This page needed to adopt the look & feel of the rest of the site, using pre-built structural elements, consistent typography and precise responsiveness. The goal was to build the page so that the client could afterwards go in and add, edit, or remove customers on their own.


Being my first project I had to get acquainted with Invoke's development system, learning git, creating a virtual dev environment, and reading through the site's theme to find what elements I needed to pull from where.

In order to make the page editable on the client side, I had to learn how to create custom post types, use custom fields, and hard code these elements into the theme, rather than utilizing an available plugin. I communicated with my lead, and the project manager to confirm design details and correct content as needed.

I used the resources available to me, such as the WP codex, and various dev forums when I ran into issues before asking another member of the team. This helped me to gain a much better understanding of how to create custom themes through Wordpress using best practice techniques.


My lead was very pleased with the page I created and the speed at which I picked up the new skills he asked me to learn. I completed the assignment early and acquired a brand new set of skills that I would be asked to use on my next assignment. The project manager relayed to me that the client was happy with the results and I was able to push the new page live. After pushing the page live, the client was able to make changes to imagery and text themselves with ease, fulfilling the main goal of the assignment.

the deets

year / 2015

client / Jim Pattison, Invoke Media

context / Assignment while completing practicum placement.

role / Developer

deliverables / Creation of 'Our Customers' page

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