Downpour Rain

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About the Client

Downpour Rain Company is a local Vancouver umbrella company, offering Vancouverites unique, fashionable, and durable rain protection. They do not have a brick & mortar location so it's essential to their business that their website look professional, work flawlessly, and deliver content effectively.

Objectives & Goals

The main priorities for this site overhaul were to get the core functionality working again, to fix issues with the wooCommerce platform, and to tighten up the design for all screen sizes. The client wants the website to reflect the same standards they hold their products to, which means ensuring all the fine details are taken care of. The end goal of this overhaul is to get users purchasing on the platform, so everything from the checkout process to high res imagery has been a priority throughout the project.


This site is still a work in progress, there are still a few quirks and kinks to work out before the next rainy season hits.

This was my first time working with an altered wooCommerce theme, so my process for troubleshooting was a bit different than usual. I had to carefully go through all the file changes the previous developer had made to the core functionality in order to change and ultimately fix the entire checkout process. I learned a lot during this process, at times I felt like I was flying blind, but in the end I feel like I've really gotten to know this site inside and out and now when an error occurs I know where to look to fix it.

The aesthetic changes to the site started with the homepage, here I created global styles for typography, paragraphs, and responsiveness to ensure uniformity across the site and ease of implementation later on when additional pages were to be added. Working again within the confines of a system not implemented by me, I had to spend some time navigating to where different elements were hiding so I could get in there to update them. I added lots of documentation during this process so that next time changes are to be made they are much easier to find.

I communicated frequently with the client to discuss timelines for completion, and issues that had arisen. We worked closely together to figure out solutions that worked best for him in both the short and long run. As this is an ongoing project we continue to communicate about what's coming next on the list of development priorities.


The client has been happy with the work completed so far as I was able to successfully correct the check-out process so orders can now be placed through the site. The style adjustments and pages that were created have added more depth to the site, giving customers a better experience overall while browsing.

The next steps for this site will be to update the menu system, specifically how it appears on mobile, and to clean up some of the smaller glitches found throughout the site.

the deets

year / 2016 (ongoing)

client / Downpour Rain

context / Website facelift & troubleshooting WooCommerce

role / Developer

deliverables / New website pages for: landing, about, & lookbook. Troubleshooting wooCommerce errors.

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