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Strategy is an essential step before beginning any digital project. It lays the foundation for the direction you’re going to head in, helps defines your goals, and makes clear the needs of your company and your users. Having a great digital strategy will save time later on.

I love strategizing, I love discovering your needs, your user's needs, and determining what solutions will best suit your goals. Not sure where to begin? Not a problem, I know what questions to ask to help get the ball rolling.


Design means something different to everybody, I believe that your digital design should represent the values of your business, your brand voice, and your goals. It’s important to have these defined before beginning to explore the look and feel of your next project.

Not sure where to start? I’ve got you covered, with lots of questions to help you nail down exactly what you’re trying to communicate. I'm a digital designer so I work best with digital layouts and website graphics. Need branding done? I can recommend a few brillant graphic designers.


Developing a new website can mean a lot of different things, it can mean coding something from the ground up, taking a template and customizing it, or finding a creative way to use “drag & drop” website builders. There really isn’t one universal “best” way to take your brand digital, but there is a best way for you and that’s what I strive to find.

I specialize in building (& tweaking) custom Wordpress themes. Why did I choose this platform? Because it’s easy for you to manage your own changes as you go. It empowers you to regularly refresh the content, graphics, and photos on your site without having to consult a developer for every little change. Interested in using another platform? I can definitely help you with that too.

Want to take your digital presence into your own hands? I can work with you to set you up on Squarespace. I will do the intial work of setting up your site and getting it looking it's best, but then I will teach you how to add, change, or remove your own content, images and webpages.

Have questions about my services, or maybe you're interested in getting a quote for a project. Shoot me an email with a few details about your project and a couple of key questions you'd like me to answer.

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